I used to live on a bay

Where I could see the ocean

Off in the horizon.

The view was an


Artist’s and photographer’s

Dream come true.

Wide vistas. Magical Light.

Sea & sky. Playing. Dancing.


Competing. Never ending.

Bay waters. Ocean. Rocks

And waves and always,

The wind.


Forces at work.

Stirring- there for me to see.

But only if I was willing to stop.

And look. Yes, stop. And look.


And stop and look I did. For years.

Photographs. Sketches. First

A few. Then an album.

More followed. Something was

Happening. What was out

There was also changing me,

The me inside. My vistas had

Expanded. Changed. Now,


Whenever I traveled around

The bay or where I lived,

Always, I was looking out of

The corner of my eye.


Cameras ready. What was

Happening? This moment.

Right now? Did I need to stop?

I was in another world. One


I was beginning to love. When

I saw something happening, I

No longer needed to think:

I’d pull over. Stop. Walk here or


There to get that shot.

That image. And then one

Day I moved. Inland. My

Vision suddenly changed or


Had to change from out

There to something else. I

Began searching. “Where

Should I be looking?” I asked


Myself over and over again. I

Tried photographing, sketching

Clouds but mostly I painted the

Horizons I remembered. I found


Myself being torn between what was,

And what is. Where was my vision?

I felt I had lost my home. I was confused.

There was no


Sense of what I should see.

Then, as if in a dream, I

Realized: Silly, look where you

Are. Not where you’ve been.


“Look where you are now. Look,

There and see what you find.”


Nothing happened at first. I

Saw houses and concrete and

City streets with lights and

It was all, well, uninspiring.


Then one day I stopped and looked at one

Of the massive trees beside the

House and saw a new landscape.

The rough edges and groves and


Valleys of the bark was showed me

A new vista, a new horizon. I then

Saw Fall leaves wet with the first

Rains. Like the first day of a


New Creation, I discovered what

I had seen before.  It was all here.

I just to change my view.

Like a visitor to a New World,


I had the memory of the Old World

In me, but now could add another.

The one I was in now:

Like the Psalmist, I could now sing:


“How great are your works….”

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